Radical Course is a project with the purpose to create a good life based on the two essential ideas – Mindfulness and Oneness.

These two ideas are true under any circumstances. Therefore, they serve as a moral ground and is a starting point for all understanding.

Despite their solid and truthful nature, the two ideas are contrary to the popular beliefs currently held in our collective consciousness. That is why the course is radical - it is based on essentially different foundations.

The two ideas here are represented as visual symbols. The symbols carry the meaning - they remind, inspire and help people to live their lives according to these two universal truths.

The symbols can be used freely. They cannot be protected as commercial trademarks. They are open-source and belong to everyone.

The symbols for Mindfulness and Oneness were created by a graphic designer from Lithuania, during a period of two years in 2011-2013, as a part of his inner transformation process.

The purpose of the symbols is to make the world a better place by spreading the message about the two universal, foundational truths – Mindfulness and Oneness.

People all around the globe are using the symbols in many different ways. See how at our main gallery on Tumblr, also on Twitter and Facebook.

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Spread the message about Mindfulness and Oneness.