Symbol for the Illusion of Free Will

The symbol for the illusion of free will

Above is presented the symbol for the illusion of free will. When trying to understand the symbol, at the same time the viewer can also understand and cut through the illusion of free will.

A question: What did you see when you looked at the symbol the first time? White face, black face, or maybe arrows - left or right?

The symbol is presented as an optical illusion, based on the figure-ground Gestalt principle. Some people instantly see the white face, others see the black face. People cannot choose which one to see first, because the brain makes the decision before the conscious mind is aware of it.

Later, it is possible to choose the image consciously, but it is not a free choice either. When you choose between one or another image, patterns of neural activity representing these two possibilities appear in the cortex. Copies of each pattern grow and spread at different rates, depending on your experiences and sensory impressions. Eventually, the number of copies of one pattern passes a threshold, and you pick the face looking to the right or to the left.

The free will symbol is also an allusion to the "black and white" dichotomy in human societies, and the left and right arrow symbolism is a reference to the concept of "choice".

Cutting through the illusion of free only sounds bleak when you view it from the level of the ordinary mental perspective. Down under that level lies another whole perspective, a completely different way to look at the universe.